Artist Catherine Ngo

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An artist at heart

Catherine is a newly emerging artist who has a deep and infinite love for our beautifully complex humanity, timeless wild earth, and incredible blue oceans. Drawn to the water before she could speak, she sees art as a way for us to connect to the animals, earth, and seas that hold us. In capturing the emotions of our world, she sees art as a powerful way for us to connect within ourselves and to one another.  Merging her love for art, science, the human spirit, nature, and the oceans, she hopes it is one way that humanity can come together to protect our precious waters, heal within, and inspire hope for the future.

Her present works are mainly in watercolor as she loves how the water reminds us of the importance of flow and surrender in our ever busy lives. Holding a degree in animal science from UCDavis and an advanced degree in epidemiology from UCLA, she currently works full time at a southern California hospital. In her free time, she is usually found painting, playing with her two beloved pups, scuba diving or free diving.  With gratitude, she is now finding her way back to art, to the calling of her heart.

Her intention is to create art that honors and validates our human experience, to give voice to the spaces that hurt and to celebrate the spaces that heal. Initially setting out to create mainly ocean themed images, Catherine began to realize that holding hope for global healing meant also embarking on a journey of profound self healing. For it is from a place of love in our own hearts and bodies that we can truly love the world in which we live. She believes that it is through fully dancing in and embracing both the light and dark spaces of life that we can discover our inherent beauty and set ourselves free.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
— Mahatma Ghandi